Will Facebook Live Streaming Feature Kill Periscope?


Facebook has recently launched a new feature that is set to challenge other social networking sites known to provide content in real-time. This new feature is dubbed as Facebook Live and it is threatening the very existence of Facebook’s competitors.

The new feature allows Facebook users to capture and broadcast videos that are happening live. On top of that, it allows users to post comments and show their reactions while they are playing the video. This is very much like Periscope, Twitter’s version of video live streaming.

A lot of tech reporters and experts are saying that Facebook Live might be the reason for the fall of Periscope as more marketing professionals will be opting to use Facebook Live for advertising purposes. Here are some reasons why:

1. Facebook Live’s content can reach over 1.65 billion users all over the world.
This is a very large count, as opposed to Periscope’s 10 million users. It is every marketer’s goal to have the biggest reach and it is a no-brainer that they can easily achieve this with Facebook Live.

2. Facebook prioritizes Live videos in their users feed.
Putting live videos on top of the newsfeed means that more users will stumble upon the live videos, and there is a great probability that they will click play. Facebook also notifies your followers if you have a video streaming live and will invite them to watch. This makes reaching an audience very effortless for marketers.

3. Facebook users are proven to be more engaged.
A study conducted by Social Media Today also revealed that Facebook users watch live videos 3x longer than regular videos. It was also found out that more users actively engage while the video is streaming, it is easier to gauge the reactions of the viewers and evaluate the success of the project.


4. There is a Facebook Live Map.
Users from all over the world can view your broadcast if your account is set to public. The Facebook Live Map plots the location of the people who are viewing your live video. This is another feature that makes measuring success and strategizing marketing future techniques easier.

However, in an interview with Fortune, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he is confident that Twitter will still hold the leadership position in providing real-time content, and Periscope will help them maintain that. Despite Facebook’s Live video streaming, they still cannot compete with the speed and immediacy of providing content from the streamer and the audience.
This might be true, but do not forget that Facebook Live is still young. The experts behind the social networking site will not stop finding a way to give the users what they want, which is real-time content.
Hence, more marketers and users are choosing to use Facebook Live. Periscope is not yet dead, but if Twitter will rest on their laurels, it won’t be long before they realize that they have been overtaken by their fiercest competitor.


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