Singing Lessons: How Should I Choose My Singing Teacher?

importance of singing lessons

Singing is a wonderful hobby. Anyone can do it; however, not all of us are gifted with the gift of a beautiful singing voice. There are some singing enthusiasts who wish to take singing seriously. Some may even want to pursue singing not just as a gig or something for a karaoke session but as a full-blown career, in itself. This may be easier for those who possess a special voice. But what if you are one of those who are not really blessed when it comes to holding the microphone?

Fortunately, singing is a skill that may be developed. As long as you have the determination and patience to learn the art of singing, you still have hope in being good at it. One best way to develop singing skills is for you to hire a singing teacher. Usually, this is what Hollywood and local celebrities do in order to develop those actors and actresses who do and do not have any singing skills.

However, future singing students should choose their voice mentors wisely. Of course, we do not want to waste our money on singing teachers who will just sit around and make you repeat an exercise for the entire hour or two of each session. With that, here is a guide of how you should choose a singing teacher to be with you in your journey of learning.

choosing the best singing coach

The Characteristics

  • Has a Good Quality Experience/Background in Singing

If your singing coach has had a high quality training in the field of singing, that is a good sign. You may want to ask about his or her education in teaching how to sing, his or her singing experiences as well as the companies or people he or she has taught.

  • Has a Good Personality

Singing is not as easy as pie. There will be times when you will be frustrated if you cannot hit the right notes or if you are stuck with not being able to learn vibrato. In all these situations, you need a coach who is patient and is kind enough to motivate you. Do not settle for a teacher who insults you and looks down on you.

  • Has a Reasonable Price

Before hiring a teacher, always make sure you canvass for the prices. Make a comparison of the prices as well as the services they offer or the competitive advantages they boast of.

  • Knows your Style

There are so many different singing styles. You might want to learn operatic singing, choir-style of singing or pop style of singing; you want to make sure that you hire a teacher who is in synch with your style. Someone who understands the type of singing you want to learn and actually knows it. Hiring a singing teacher for choir might not work well if you are aiming to learn modern pop culture.

Bottom Line

There are still many other factors you might want to consider such as their methods of teaching, their schedules, their location, etc. The point is you must choose a singing teacher who will treat you well and not take advantage of your lack of skills.