The Basics of Fly Fishing and How to Enjoy Your Time


fly fishingInterestingly, after I had written this paragraph I asked Jen what her rod collection consisted of. Anyways here are some simple tips!

  1. Collect best friends who own drift boats.

Before I got serious about fly fishing  I didn’t have any friends with drift boats. Conveniently several of my friends did acquire drift boats over time, and subsequently they became best friends.  Gradually over time I also came to be best friends with several others who had drift boats. Conversely I’m fairly certain these folks would not consider me among their best friends. Something tells me Jen will have no trouble meeting best friends with drift boats. Seek them out. As with rods, acquire several. Sunglasses, do the same.

2. Fly the colors.

More than just a few fly angling people collect stickers to slather across the windows of their fly fishing vehicles. I know people who are minimalists and don’t collect these vinyl badges of honor, and they all have their reasons for not getting all stickered-up. The excuses vary from, I don’t want to advertise the fact that I may have expensive gear in my rig when I leave my truck parked on a forest service road while I’m away fishing, or, I just like a clean look. Yeah, right. Whatevah! Honestly I believe those naysayers simply don’t want to advertise the fact that they have a weakness. Personally I equate my sticker collection to having never grown up.  Kids love stickers. They get them for being good at the dentist or doctor. I like to think I’ve been very good, or at least rewarded for every time I’ve endured an angling hardship (skunk, anyone?). It drives my wife crazy. She thinks it bothers me when she calls me Sticker Boy (it doesn’t). I don’t know how Jen feels about stickers, but I’ll be happy to send her one to do with as she pleases.

fly fishing tips

3. Get a lucky fishing hat.

Obviously you won’t know if a particular hat is going to be lucky until after you’ve worn it a few times. So how do you select a potential candidate? Start with how it looks and feels on your head, but more importantly than form is function. Does it keep the rain and sun off? Does it protect your ears from being flossed by a rogue fly and an errant cast? Can it be used to filter coffee in a pinch? Determine these factors, then stick with it. Do not deviate. I cannot emphasize this enough. My lucky fishing hat is no guarantee of success, but I can say with certainty that when I don’t wear it while fishing, I am flirting with disaster. A lucky hat appreciates nay, demands your loyalty. Itll treat you well, and may even make you look taller.
Good luck and Godspeed, sister. Remember, we’re here for you.

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