Looking Into How To Properly Deal With A Divorce

what to expect in divorce

Divorce is a process that has always been deemed negative. It is, after all, the termination and cancellation of a marriage. More than that, it involves dividing properties, deciding on child custody, determining child support, and so much more.


During the end of a relationship, we cannot deny the wounded feelings we will have, the sleepless nights we will experience, and the bucket of tears we will or have shed during the course of the process. Sometimes, a divorce may even feel like the end of the world.

But it really is not. In all honesty, the pain shall pass. It’s only a matter of time. Luckily, there are ways to actually experience a good divorce. You can bid goodbye to the divorce stereotypes because these don’t have to apply to you.

Better Experience

  • Start with the mind.

A change in your way of thinking will be a huge help in your part. If you cognitively reconstruct yourself in a way that you are more optimistic than pessimistic, you’ll find out that you’re going to be much happier. The power of attracting positive vibes is something you need. When you choose to focus on the positive things, you will learn to appreciate even the smallest things in life.  

  • Get emotional help.

The divorce process is an emotional roller coaster ride. There will be times when you want to cry your eyes out and there will be times when you want to release all your anger out. In the end, you must find ways to do these things.

A great way to deal with your emotions would be meeting a counselor; having someone to talk to about what you’re going through is very important. You may also go to places which have rage-rooms or anger-rooms (e.g. Korea’s Rage-Room). Simply put, you need to find a proper way to release your emotions.

preparing documents for divorce

  • Hire a good lawyer.

In order to not stress yourself even more, you must hire a lawyer you can trust. Fortunately, you can find a trustworthy divorce lawyer in Sugar Land, you just have to exert effort in search them up or looking for recommendations.

  • Find new hobbies.

The idle mind is the devil’s playground; hence, you should busy yourself with new hobbies. Find new things that interest you. Perhaps, you can try going to the gym, or try attending yoga classes. If not, you can start learning how to bake, you may even enroll in cooking class. You can also start gardening in your home.

  • Be realistic.

With the costs and the outcome, you must be realistic. Do not set your expectations too high so you will not be disappointed. Talk to your lawyer about the possible outcomes.


The Basics of Fly Fishing and How to Enjoy Your Time


fly fishingInterestingly, after I had written this paragraph I asked Jen what her rod collection consisted of. Anyways here are some simple tips!

  1. Collect best friends who own drift boats.

Before I got serious about fly fishing  I didn’t have any friends with drift boats. Conveniently several of my friends did acquire drift boats over time, and subsequently they became best friends.  Gradually over time I also came to be best friends with several others who had drift boats. Conversely I’m fairly certain these folks would not consider me among their best friends. Something tells me Jen will have no trouble meeting best friends with drift boats. Seek them out. As with rods, acquire several. Sunglasses, do the same.

2. Fly the colors.

More than just a few fly angling people collect stickers to slather across the windows of their fly fishing vehicles. I know people who are minimalists and don’t collect these vinyl badges of honor, and they all have their reasons for not getting all stickered-up. The excuses vary from, I don’t want to advertise the fact that I may have expensive gear in my rig when I leave my truck parked on a forest service road while I’m away fishing, or, I just like a clean look. Yeah, right. Whatevah! Honestly I believe those naysayers simply don’t want to advertise the fact that they have a weakness. Personally I equate my sticker collection to having never grown up.  Kids love stickers. They get them for being good at the dentist or doctor. I like to think I’ve been very good, or at least rewarded for every time I’ve endured an angling hardship (skunk, anyone?). It drives my wife crazy. She thinks it bothers me when she calls me Sticker Boy (it doesn’t). I don’t know how Jen feels about stickers, but I’ll be happy to send her one to do with as she pleases.

fly fishing tips

3. Get a lucky fishing hat.

Obviously you won’t know if a particular hat is going to be lucky until after you’ve worn it a few times. So how do you select a potential candidate? Start with how it looks and feels on your head, but more importantly than form is function. Does it keep the rain and sun off? Does it protect your ears from being flossed by a rogue fly and an errant cast? Can it be used to filter coffee in a pinch? Determine these factors, then stick with it. Do not deviate. I cannot emphasize this enough. My lucky fishing hat is no guarantee of success, but I can say with certainty that when I don’t wear it while fishing, I am flirting with disaster. A lucky hat appreciates nay, demands your loyalty. Itll treat you well, and may even make you look taller.
Good luck and Godspeed, sister. Remember, we’re here for you.

Effective Tips for Beginners to Improve in Playing the Guitar

Slash playing guitar

When we watch famous guitar players such as Paul McCartney, former Beatles member, or Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, who is performing at the Beastly Ball this May 20, playing the instrument seems to be so easy to do in our heads. But it’s totally the other way around when we finally get our hands on actual guitars. And if you’ve tried playing a guitar many times before, you’ll easily relate to moments of stiff and painful fingers, developing calluses and the need for nail cutters. In spite of these things, there are still many musical enthusiasts who really want to learn and play more.

In this article, we aim to help beginners in their journey to learning guitar. With that in mind, we will be providing some of the most effective tips and tricks that will be definitely be useful today and in the future.

8 Tips

  • Practice alone.

It’s true, practice does help a lot. Although it might not directly lead you to a flawless, perfect performance, practicing some basic to moderate guitar pieces will help your mind and hands get used to all the guitar work. Without practice, your skills will get rusty that even the most basic things will be difficult for you to play. Practicing in your room for an hour or two in a day will definitely be a big help if you want to improve quickly.

  • Take it slow.

As a beginner, we tend to want to learn as fast as possible; however, that is not how it works. Learning a skill, whether how to play a guitar or how to draw, takes time and that is why you need to be patient. There may be times when you get frustrated but don’t let this stop you from trying once more.

  • Play with others.

Practicing alone is a good idea to improve your skills; however, practicing with someone else is a better idea.This way, both of you can observe each other’s ways of playing; you can exchange suggestions and corrections that may help each other improve.

  • Study the theoretical aspect.

Unfortunately, those who learn guitar focus heavily or only on the practical aspect leaving the theoretical aspect behind. But if you truly want a wholesome guitar experience, you must also look into its theories. Read about notes, chords, strumming patterns, etc. as these will definitely help you a lot.

best guitar lessons

  • Check out guitar accessories.

Get yourself acquainted with the capo and learn how to use it; usually, the capo also makes some chords easier to do. Furthermore, experiment with amplifiers especially if you have an electric guitar and you plan on playing for singing bands or having gigs. You can find more info at the Best Amps website for amplifier feedback, reviews and suggestions.

  • Record yourself.

One way to know if you sound good is by recording yourself playing. This makes it easier for you to detect if something sounds off. It also helps you determine which chord you need to improve on and the like.

  • Enroll in a class.

Finally, if you are truly serious in wanting to move from beginner level to intermediate, invest in a one on one guitar class. Just like entering a singing class to learn and develop more techniques, enrolling in a guitar class will do you the same favor.  Having a personal mentor will help you learn faster since someone is there to guide and correct you as well as suggest you more tips and tricks.

Bottom Line

In the beginning, learning the guitar can be quite challenging. At the end of the day, all you need is motivation, effort, patience and the right tips to help you push through.

Singing Lessons: How Should I Choose My Singing Teacher?

importance of singing lessons

Singing is a wonderful hobby. Anyone can do it; however, not all of us are gifted with the gift of a beautiful singing voice. There are some singing enthusiasts who wish to take singing seriously. Some may even want to pursue singing not just as a gig or something for a karaoke session but as a full-blown career, in itself. This may be easier for those who possess a special voice. But what if you are one of those who are not really blessed when it comes to holding the microphone?

Fortunately, singing is a skill that may be developed. As long as you have the determination and patience to learn the art of singing, you still have hope in being good at it. One best way to develop singing skills is for you to hire a singing teacher. Usually, this is what Hollywood and local celebrities do in order to develop those actors and actresses who do and do not have any singing skills.

However, future singing students should choose their voice mentors wisely. Of course, we do not want to waste our money on singing teachers who will just sit around and make you repeat an exercise for the entire hour or two of each session. With that, here is a guide of how you should choose a singing teacher to be with you in your journey of learning.

choosing the best singing coach

The Characteristics

  • Has a Good Quality Experience/Background in Singing

If your singing coach has had a high quality training in the field of singing, that is a good sign. You may want to ask about his or her education in teaching how to sing, his or her singing experiences as well as the companies or people he or she has taught.

  • Has a Good Personality

Singing is not as easy as pie. There will be times when you will be frustrated if you cannot hit the right notes or if you are stuck with not being able to learn vibrato. In all these situations, you need a coach who is patient and is kind enough to motivate you. Do not settle for a teacher who insults you and looks down on you.

  • Has a Reasonable Price

Before hiring a teacher, always make sure you canvass for the prices. Make a comparison of the prices as well as the services they offer or the competitive advantages they boast of.

  • Knows your Style

There are so many different singing styles. You might want to learn operatic singing, choir-style of singing or pop style of singing; you want to make sure that you hire a teacher who is in synch with your style. Someone who understands the type of singing you want to learn and actually knows it. Hiring a singing teacher for choir might not work well if you are aiming to learn modern pop culture.

Bottom Line

There are still many other factors you might want to consider such as their methods of teaching, their schedules, their location, etc. The point is you must choose a singing teacher who will treat you well and not take advantage of your lack of skills.

What is UID?

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) refers to a system used to mark and identify medical devices within supply chain. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Medical Device Regulator Forum(IMDRF) proposed a harmonized legislation for Unique Device Identification using global standards with an objective of increasing patient safety and improve optimized patient care through harmonized and consistent approach to medical device identification.

A national UDI system will significantly improve patient safety by helping in the identification of medical counterfeits products. It will also improve the ability of staffs to distinguish devices that have a similar appearance but serve different functions. This will improve and facilitate recall process and greatly enhance efficiency within the medical system.

On September 27, 2007, UDI system was signed into law as part of Food and Drug Administration Amendment Act of 2007. The act encompasses language related to the establishment of Unique Device Identification System. When fully implemented, this new system will require medical devices to bear a label with a unique identifier. Doranix has been leading in providing the required label printer-applicators for medical, food, and packaging identification, which will apply to all medical devices in the United States unless FDA makes an exception. The act also requires the unique identifier to be able to identify the device through use and distribution. Moreover, the act calls for the unique identifier to include serial number or lot according to FDA specifications.

Currently, analysis of specific devices involved in adverse events is limited by the fact devices often involved are not known with required degree of specification. However, a national UDI system will create a common vocabulary that will improve reporting and electronic tracking abilities. Consistent and reliable identification of specific medical devices will enable FDA and manufacturers to conduct safety surveillance that could identify device defect and improve patient care.

UID encompass a coded number that will be registered with standard organizations. Further, it will incorporate a variety of information such as the manufacturer of the device, the model, and make of the device, expiry dates, and any other special attributes that may be related to a specific device.

Will Facebook Live Streaming Feature Kill Periscope?


Facebook has recently launched a new feature that is set to challenge other social networking sites known to provide content in real-time. This new feature is dubbed as Facebook Live and it is threatening the very existence of Facebook’s competitors.

The new feature allows Facebook users to capture and broadcast videos that are happening live. On top of that, it allows users to post comments and show their reactions while they are playing the video. This is very much like Periscope, Twitter’s version of video live streaming.

A lot of tech reporters and experts are saying that Facebook Live might be the reason for the fall of Periscope as more marketing professionals will be opting to use Facebook Live for advertising purposes. Here are some reasons why:

1. Facebook Live’s content can reach over 1.65 billion users all over the world.
This is a very large count, as opposed to Periscope’s 10 million users. It is every marketer’s goal to have the biggest reach and it is a no-brainer that they can easily achieve this with Facebook Live.

2. Facebook prioritizes Live videos in their users feed.
Putting live videos on top of the newsfeed means that more users will stumble upon the live videos, and there is a great probability that they will click play. Facebook also notifies your followers if you have a video streaming live and will invite them to watch. This makes reaching an audience very effortless for marketers.

3. Facebook users are proven to be more engaged.
A study conducted by Social Media Today also revealed that Facebook users watch live videos 3x longer than regular videos. It was also found out that more users actively engage while the video is streaming, it is easier to gauge the reactions of the viewers and evaluate the success of the project.


4. There is a Facebook Live Map.
Users from all over the world can view your broadcast if your account is set to public. The Facebook Live Map plots the location of the people who are viewing your live video. This is another feature that makes measuring success and strategizing marketing future techniques easier.

However, in an interview with Fortune, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he is confident that Twitter will still hold the leadership position in providing real-time content, and Periscope will help them maintain that. Despite Facebook’s Live video streaming, they still cannot compete with the speed and immediacy of providing content from the streamer and the audience.
This might be true, but do not forget that Facebook Live is still young. The experts behind the social networking site will not stop finding a way to give the users what they want, which is real-time content.
Hence, more marketers and users are choosing to use Facebook Live. Periscope is not yet dead, but if Twitter will rest on their laurels, it won’t be long before they realize that they have been overtaken by their fiercest competitor.


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